Monthly Charity Highlight

We at believe that business also involves doing good work within our community and the world, where we use our capital to help others and champion the marginalized. It’s important to us that we constantly highlight the charities that we support so that our true mission and vision are not forgotten.

This month, we want to highlight our charity partner St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This well-known hub of medical research and advocacy for children’s cancer treatment began with a young man’s desperate prayer. Danny Thomas, a young entertainer, asked the patron saint St. Jude Thaddeus for guidance and help. When he found success, he built St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to pay homage to the patron saint who helped him. The hospital’s doors opened on February 4, 1962, exactly 58 years from today. Thomas’ vision was to create an environment where any child – no matter their race, color, creed, or socioeconomic status – would be able to receive treatment.

Today, St. Jude remains as one of the most celebrated and respected institutions that focuses on groundbreaking research for curing pediatric diseases. We look forward to seeing how they continue to progress in their tireless pursuit of eradicating childhood cancer!

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