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Who Is Zuma Office Supply?

Zuma’s founder has been in office supplies over 25 years with some of the world´s largest office product companies. Big public corporations that are run like…well, big companies.

After years of dealing with the Big Box chains, loose ethics and corporate life, the thought of building a business that makes a difference gradually took shape. There’s a better way to do business that people will embrace when done right. A company has a responsibility to do more than worry about quarterly earning reports, head count and corporate red tape.  And so, Zuma was created, inspired by the principles of a Conscious Capitalism business model.

We´re an online office supplies superstore that has great service, a quick and easy–to–use website, and prices guaranteed to meet or beat the office product giants like Office Depot, OfficeMax and Staples.

Giving back to the community is the right way to do business, so we donate over half of our annual profits to worthwhile charities. It makes us feel good about selling paper clips and rubber bands for a living (we can´t all be brain surgeons).

Zuma makes it easy to Do Good Work in your office and in the community. We support charities with causes that are important to you including cancer research, children, hunger, education for disadvantaged youth and military families. And to help us make a difference, we ask our customers to tell us what charities they´d like us to support.

Zuma offers office supply shoppers a quality alternative to the huge corporate office superstores that dominate the office products landscape today.  Our mission is to save you time and money, while also helping the planet along the way – a true “No Brainer” when it comes to selecting an office supply company.

Zuma’s Promise To You

  • Great Prices and Special Offers.
  • Free Next Day Shipping for most orders over $75.00.
  • Fast Delivery – most orders arrive the next business day.
  • A Unique Website – finding what you need is quick and easy.
  • Customer Service that really listens, (and answers the phone).

AND…We Do Good Work!

We hope you enjoy this office supplies blog.  To be honest, it’s primary purpose today is to help us attract new customers, because search engines often favor sites with blogs in their search rankings.  If you see articles that are boring, you might use them to put you to sleep at night, and please remember, while they may be dry as dirt, the web spiders like them.

As we grow, this blog will evolve over time into a forum to hear from you, discuss relevant topics about our charity support and provide tips for cool new products.

Thanks for visiting our blog.  We’d love to hear from you, and enjoy today!

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