April Charity Highlight: Placencia Humane Society

Each month, a Zuma Team member chooses a charity to highlight and add to our donations checkout page. For April, our very own Mason Kramer has chosen Placencia Humane Society. PHS began as a response to the lack of veterinary care on the Placencia Peninsula. PHS hosted vet’s every month under a tent as they would care for vaccinations, tick fever, spays and neuters. Today PHS both cares for and seeks to rescue abused and abandoned animals with programs such as fostering unwanted pets. 

From Mason: “We lived in Placencia, Belize for 4 years, and during this time we witnessed countless acts of kindness from volunteers, board members and locals doing whatever it took to help sick and dying animals regain health and find them loving homes. We also fell in love with a little island puppy who we named Fin. He is such a wonderful dog and it’s all thanks to PHS!”

Here are some other ways you can get involved with Placencia Humane Society:

  • Pack for a Purpose! – PHS accepts donations such as: cat and dog leashes, food and water bowls, toys, nail clippers, etc. 
  • Volunteer – There are many volunteer opportunities ranging from accounting and administration assistance, blog writing, photography, as well as fostering rescued dogs and cats until they are ready to be adopted and homes can be found for them. 
  • Adopt – PHS offers assistance for anyone outside of Belize who might like to adopt a dog or cat from Belize!
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