How to Find the Right Classification Folders

Buy Classification Folders That Are Exactly What You Need!

How do I find the right classification folders for my office?  This is a question we hear often, because of all the file folders we sell, classification folders are the most complicated and difficult to purchase.  This quick guide tells you all you need to know to quickly and confidently order the right folder every time.

Unlike standard file folders or hanging folders where you only need to worry about the size, color and what tab cut you want, classification folders have many different variables to consider.  Today, buying office supplies online is now the preferred way to order office products, and you need a step-by-step guide to ensure you find the exact item for your needs.

Universal Classification Folders

Classification folders like this one from Universal have many different features to consider.

First search “Classification Folders” on your favorite office supply website, like  Then use the search navigation of the site to refine your search down to exactly what you need:

Select Your Size – First you should sort by size.  Classification folders come in letter size which holds standard 8.5 x 11 papers, and legal size holds 8.5 x 14 papers.  Make sure you order the size you need!  You’d be surprised how many people order the wrong size.

Select Your Sections – This is the confusing part.  The number of sections refers to how many different filing areas there are in the folder, not how many individual dividers there are.  Because classification folders have fasteners to hold papers at the top of each area, these count as a “section”.  Here is an easy way to stop the confusion:
4 Section Folders – These have 1 divider in the middle of the folder.
6 Section Folders – These have 2 dividers and are the most popular style.
8 Section Folders – These have 3 dividers.

Select Your Color – Classification folders come in a variety of colors.  These include the old stand-by manila as well as top selling colors red, blue, green, gray and yellow.  Most people by multiple colors so they can color code their filing system, which we highly recommend for efficiency.

Select Your Tab – Like sections, this is where many people get confused and order the wrong item.  There are two basic choices.  Top Tab file folders are the most popular style.  Like most standard file folders, they have the tab of the folder, where you write or place a label, on the long horizontal side of the folder or “on top”.

End Tab classification folders have the tab on the short side, or vertical side of the folder, on the end.  These are used for most doctor and dentist office filing systems where labels are secured on the end tabs for filing things alphabetically or by date.

Smead End Tab Classification Folders

This Smead end tab classification folder shows the positioning of the tab for labeling.

Once you’ve sorted by size, section, color and tab, all that’s left is selecting the brand you prefer and the price you want to pay.  We recommend two brands – Smead for their breadth of line and quality, and Universal classification folders for their great price and value.  In fact, Universal is our top selling line of folders because the pricing is really low, and the quality is on par with the national brands.

That’s it!  Some last details to make you an expert.  Most quality classification folders are made using pressboard material which is what you should look for.  That makes the folder more durable and long lasting.  Standard weights for pressboard today are between 23 – 25 point, but 15 point is sometimes used for manila folders.  Classification folders have two additional special features:  2” fasteners at the top of each section which hold two-hole punched papers, and the bottom gussets are expandable by 2” to hold tons of pages.

Now you can buy classification folders with confidence, and buying office supplies online with Zuma gets you your order in 1-2 business days while knowing you are buying from an independent company who give back to the community.  Like what you’ve learned or have questions?  Let us know.

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Staples and Office Depot Merger Talks

Zuma’s View – If Staples / Office Depot Merger is Approved, Who Wins?

Word on the street is “activist investor” Starboard LP who owns 6% of Staples and 10% of Office Depot is pushing for a merger of the two companies in hopes of creating a $35 billion monolith with 4,000 retail stores and incredible market influence.  Soon a consumer’s choice of where to buy office supplies like view binders, report covers and hanging folders could go from three large “big box” superstore chains to one.

This is on the heels of the 2013 merger of Office Depot and OfficeMax, creating a massive corporation of over $18 billion in revenue.  Whether or not the Office Depot and OfficeMax merger should have cleared through the FTC is debatable.  In 1997, when there were far more competitors in the business to business office supplies market, Staples tried to purchase Office Depot, and in what became a political battle, Staples was denied that opportunity.

The office supplies market is struggling mightily with insane price competition, dwindling profits, and a decreasing demand for the first time in history.  Because Office Depot and OfficeMax have posted terrible results for a long time and had modest chances of survival separately, it probably made sense for the FTC to approve the merger and hope the two combined companies could make a go of it.

Questionable marketing spending like this are one reason Office Depot and OfficeMax are struggling.

Questionable marketing spending like this are one reason Office Depot and OfficeMax are struggling.

Today’s Staples/Depot merger would be far different than the one the federal government shut down back in ’97.  This one is going from 2 superstores to only 1 remaining entity, not 3 to 2 like in 1997, a major difference Wall Street investors conveniently gloss over.  The question of should Staples and Office Depot/Max be allowed merge will be answered by the FTC.  My personal opinion is, while it would be good for Zuma Office Supply at least short term, it would be bad for many others.  So I say strongly no, it should not be approved.  Here’s why:

Too Much Clout:  I was a senior executive selling to the Big Box stores at very large office products manufacturers, Acco Brands being most recent (NYSE: ACCO).  The amount of clout the three superstores hold over manufacturers is unbelievable.   With almost no other sizeable customers of any consequence to sell our wares, we had to do whatever it took to get the business at the three overly demanding chains.  The fact was, if you did not get the business from at least one of the three, you were out of business.

Knowing this fact, Superstores put all product categories out to bid on an annual or bi-annual basis where manufacturers must offer crazy deals to either keep, or gain the business.  It is no surprise that there is not one office supplies manufacturer doing well.  Once proud companies like Esselte, Mead Products and American Pad & Paper are gone, their brands merged into struggling concerns hanging by a thread.  Even Avery, a once huge office supply company, sold their office products division to CCL Industries for almost nothing.  They have all been raped by the Big 3.  If that Big 3 dwindles to the BIG 1, it is death to many office supply manufacturers.

At $35 billion in sales, Staples/Office Depot would do more volume in 3 days than any other independent office supply company will do in sales for a full year!  Think about that market power.

Lost US Jobs:  The Office Depot/OfficeMax merger was applauded by some investors for one reason – cost cutting to improve the bottom line.  They estimated the merger would eventually lead to $500-$600 million in reduced cost.  We all know “cost reductions” mean fired workers.  When two huge companies merge, all redundant employees get the boot creating “efficiencies” for the new combined companies.  Sounds like thousands of hard working people who helped build these companies get shafted so Starboard, investment bankers and upper management can profit.

And, lost jobs won’t only happen at the merged companies.  I watched as manufacturing companies I worked for closed down US plants and moved them to Mexico to meet the price demands of the Big 3 superstores.  I again watched as our Mexico plants were then shut down, and most products were outsourced to China, because relentless price pressure from the superstores meant either we cut cost to keep the business, or lose the business and close the doors.  I am not proud to say that at the time, I was one of the people saying we needed to do everything possible to keep the business and find the lowest possible cost.

After dealing with the unbridled market influence of the Big 3 for so long, I left corporate America with a purpose of starting a new company with an exact opposite approach to business than the office superstores –

A “Business to Business” Monopoly:  Wall Street says “the market has changed” since the 1997 failed attempt of Staples buying Office Depot because “companies like Wal-Mart, Target and Amazon are now selling office supplies”.  Are you kidding me?

There is no doubt those companies have made a dent in the retail sales of Staples, Depot and Max by taking away small office and home office shoppers.  But the majority of office supplies are sold through large business to business contracts to huge companies.  Is Amazon going to win the State of New York office supply contract?  Will Wal-Mart ever become the supplier to Dell Computer?  How about Target becoming the office products provider for General Motors?

Wall Street is saying this nonsense because greedy investors want this deal to go through.  The fact is the majority of office product and office furniture sales go through “contract stationers” or commercial dealers and, oh yeah, Staples, Office Depot and Office Max bought all the large ones.  If you know anything about office supplies, you know these companies who were once thriving, large, publicly traded commercial office supply companies:  Anyone remember Boise Cascade?  How about Corporate Express?  The BT Group, US Office Products?

All of these substantial companies who were around when the Staples/Depot merger of 1997 was denied are now gone.  Where to you ask?  They were acquired by Staples, OfficeMax and Office Depot.  If you are a large corporation or government entity, and the Staples/Office Depot merger is allowed to happen, you have exactly one choice for a supplier.

The amount Staples spends on naming rights for Staples Center is more than the sales of most all of their competitors.

The amount Staples spends on naming rights for Staples Center is more than the sales of most all of their competitors.

There’s more I could add, but suffice it to say that a Staples/Depot merger is bad for employees, bad for vendors, bad for customers, and bad for the communities where huge warehouses and offices will close, (remember, your tax dollars went to fund the openings of many of them).  The result will be the exact opposite of the business model we follow at Zuma – Conscious Capitalism.  This model says good business treats customers, employees, vendors, the community and the environment with fairness, honesty and openness.  If something is bad for these vital partners, ultimately it is bad for business.

If the merger does go through, it is a good thing for Zuma Office Supply on the surface.  We have already gained new customers from shoppers who are dissatisfied with the Depot/Max merger.  Their sales person was fired, the new customer service is poor, the fill rates are bad because of warehouse closures, etc.  That will only continue at a higher rate if Staples buys Office Depot – people will search for a new supplier, and hopefully many will hear about

However, I’ve been in business long enough to know that surface or short term gains can be bad in the long run.  If the manufacturers we count on for quality products go out of business because Staples’ demands don’t allow them make a reasonable profit, we lose.  When employees are fired, jobs are lost, and plants are moved overseas, we all lose.  When one company becomes so powerful that their customers have no choice, we all lose.

The answer to the question in the title – “If Staples / Depot Merger is Approved, Who Wins?” – is clear.  Activist investor Starboard LP, Investment Bankers and Senior Executives with stock options already making ridiculous salaries compared to average workers.  The losers are thousands of displaced employees, many facility shut downs hurting local communities, and US manufacturers who will be sucked dry.

Regardless of if the Staples/Depot merger happens, I enthusiastically encourage everyone to buy from independent online office supplies stores, or your local office products dealer.   Our prices are great, we do business the right way, and in Zuma’s case we give away over half our profits to great charities to help our communities.  Bigger these days is usually not better.

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Zuma & VHS Holiday Food Drive For CAFB Kicks-Off!

3rd Annual Event Feeds Hungry Central Texans and Vandegrift High School recently kicked off their third annual Holiday Food Drive to collect much needed food for the Capital Area Food Bank during the holiday season.  Last year’s drive raised an amazing 2850 lbs. of food for hungry Central Texans during the holiday season.

The Vandegrift Boys Basketball Team, the school’s UNICEF Club, and the Student Council are all working together to raise awareness of the food drive and work towards another successful year.  Four Points Middle School is also part of the food drive this year, (they collected significant donations on their own last year).

“In our first year of the food drive it took awhile to get the word out, and while we raised about 500 lbs. of food, we knew this event could be much more,” said Greg Pierce, President of  “Last year, Coach Ellis and FPMS really worked to get the word out, and we ended up with over 14 pallets of food which was unbelievable.  We had to have an 18 wheel truck come in to pick up all the donations.”

Last year's food drive collected an incredible 14 pallets of food!

Last year’s food drive collected an incredible 14 pallets of food!

The holiday season is a very busy time for the Capital Area Food Bank, so the donations come at a time when families struggle between buying food, paying for housing, and then possibly having something left over for Christmas.  CAFB studies show that 34% of the food bank clients are children and teens, and 93% of the food bank clients are not homeless.  Last year’s donations equaled almost 2,500 meals!

Giving back to others and making a difference is what life is about, and what better time to do that than during the holiday season.  Donations boxes are at VHS in front of the cafeteria, and at the front of the school across from the main office.  If you’re in the area, grab some canned goods or non-perishable items from your kitchen and drop of a donation for a great cause.  The food drive runs until Friday December 19.

Do good work with Vandegrift High School, Four Points Middle School and!

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A Charities View on Zuma Giving Back

The Salvation Army’s John Welton Discusses How Office Supplies Can Make a Difference.

Earlier this year, Zuma Office Supply was recognized by Austin Gives as one of the top philanthropic businesses in Austin along with eBay and the Coffee Bean and Tea Company. The award was given to those companies that gave back significantly to the community not only through their charitable giving, but also by their volunteer work and corporate culture.

The award ceremony included entrepreneur extraordinaire John Paul DeJoria of John Paul Mitchell Systems and Patron Tequilla fame as the featured speaker. The Mayor of Austin, Lee Leffingwell, also delivered a stirring speech on the importance of altruism in business, and how responsible corporate citizens are vital for any community to flourish.

John Welton, Director of Development at The Salvation Army gave a video statement of how Zuma introduced themselves to the Army, and what they have done to give back to aid the efforts of this life-changing organization. “Zuma has been a strong supporter of our work and the work of the Austin Shelter for Women and Children for many years,” said John. “It’s a pleasure to get to know a business that is truly in business to give back”.

As part of the award, Austin Gives donated $1,000 on behalf of Zuma to the Austin Shelter for Women and Children, a shelter facility run by The Salvation Army on the east side of Austin. Zuma has been particularly interested in supporting the shelter since the business started, and through both donations and volunteer work has worked to make a difference for homeless and disadvantage women and children in Austin.

About Austin Give Generocity Awards

Austin Gives GeneroCityThe Austin Gives GeneroCity Award Program was created to recognize Austin businesses that are leaders in giving back to community-based, non-profit organizations. Each year three businesses are recognized at the annual GeneroCity Awards celebration. Award recipients are selected by a panel comprised of local community leaders, including Nikelle Meade of Husch Blackwell; John-Michael Cortez of Capital Metro; Olga Campos of U.S. Money Reserve; Denise Bradley of St. David’s Healthcare; and Bobby Jenkins of ABC Home & Commercial Services.
To learn more information about Austin Gives or to join the organization at no charge, visit

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Zuma Annual Donation Update – Giving Back Results!

Zuma’s primary purpose and “reason for being” is to give back as much of our profits as possible to help great charities do good work and make a difference.  Our mission is to give back over half our annual profits to a select group of outstanding charities, and we are excited to say Zuma has donated over 100% of our profits since starting our business in January 2010.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Zuma customers love Big Brothers Big Sisters

We are committed to transparency regarding our charitable contributions, and provide this annual update to keep anyone who is interested informed of our progress.  Our only regret is that we are not giving back more.  The tough economy and a very competitive office supplies market makes it very difficult for any company in this industry to make a profit as illustrated by the latest Office Depot / OfficeMax merger.

We are making progress thanks to loyal customers, our fans who help spread the word to their friends and family, and great employees who provide unmatched customer service to create satisfied customers.  It’s because of you, our loyal customers, that Zuma is able to do our small part to make the world a better place, so please view our results as your success!

In the words of the writer Elizabeth Bibesco:

“Blessed are those who can give without remembering, and take without forgetting.”

Our Customer Votes

Zuma’s Top Charities as Selected by Our Customers – Fiscal year ending 6/30/14:

  1. The V Foundation for Cancer Research – Cancer Research
  2. Best Friends Animal Society – Pets & Animals
  3. Fisher House Foundation – Military Families
  4. Big Brothers / Big Sisters – Children
  5. Save the Children – Children
  6. Salvation Army – Humanitarian Aid
  7. SafePlace – Domestic Violence Support
  8. Year Up – Education For Disadvantaged Youth
  9. Capital Area Food Bank – Hunger
  10. Prison Entrepreneurship Program – Prison Mentorship

Donation Update

The V Foundation for Cancer Research

The V Foundation was our #1 most voted for charity.

Zuma has donated $33,396.98 to the 10 charities we support in our first four full years in business. Most new companies take 3-5 years before they reach profitability due to upfront investment, and Zuma is no exception.  However, we made the decision to stay true to our mission and donate a minimum of $5000 per year, ($500 per charity) even before we were profitable.  This in part explains why we have donated over 100% of our total corporate profits thus far.

While modest, Zuma did begin making a profit in late 2012, and we work hard each day to drive growth and profitability because the fact is if we do not grow, we do not give back.  We appreciate the loyalty of our great customers, the relationships we’ve developed with the charities we support, and look forward to doing good work together for many years to come.  Please tell a friend and other businesses about Zuma – you have no idea how much that helps our progress!

Why Does Zuma Give Back?

We have five primary reasons/goals for giving back:

  1. Help others who are less fortunate than ourselves.
  2. Add meaning to the work life of all Zuma employees.
  3. Educate shoppers about highly rated, quality charities who are truly making a difference.
  4. Be an example to other businesses who are considering giving back.
  5. Encourage our customers to consider donating to these great charities.

Should you have any questions regarding our charitable giving, the voting preferences of our customers, or just want to talk about giving back, feel free to email me at or call 877-473-4097. Thank you for helping Zuma DO GOOD WORK!

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Zuma’s Top 10 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day and Graduates — Unique Gift Ideas for Dads & Grads at Great Prices!

June is a unique month when we honor Dad’s for all they do for our family, and recognize graduates for making it through the travails of school.  It can be tough to find the right gift for your Dad or Grad, so Zuma offers this quick list to help make your gift one to remember.

Here’s our Top 10 List of cool and unique items Dad’s & Grads will love, starting at #10…

#10.  DAX Diploma/Certificate Frame

DAX Diploma/Certificate FrameHelp your graduate show off that paper in style with a quality wood frame from DAX – perfect for diplomas.  This model holds letter or legal size certificates, and is a classic rosewood/black wood frame.

Item:  DAXN15786ST
Price:  $13.86
List:  $19.99

#9.  Ledu Traditional Banker’s Lamp

Ledu Traditional Banker’s LampPerfect for Dad’s study, or ideal for the student needing extra lighting on his desk, check out this classic styled Banker’s Lamp from Ledu.  It features a retro styled glass shade and brass base, and is now on sale for almost 60% off.  Classic!

Item:  LEDL557BR
Price:  $44.58
List:  $106.07

#8.  Imation Cool 16GB USB Flash Drive

Imation Cool 16GB USB Flash DriveOk, so this one isn’t so unique, but it will probably be used more than any gift on the list.  Any Dad or Grad needs a flash drive to save important documents, pictures, homework and projects.  This thumb drive is priced right and has a significant 16GB storage capacity.  Plug-n-play.

Item:  IMN30457
Price:  $13.97
List:  $19.99

#7.  Targus Legends IQ Back Pack

Targus Legends IQ Back PackSend that grad off to school with this awesome back pack from Targus.  This do-it-all pack has both a padded area for your laptop, as well as a separate compartment for your tablet.  Awesome headphone cord pass-through included so you can jam all the way to class!

Item:  TRGTSB705US
Price: $39.99
List:  $59.99

#6.  Kantek Premium Footrest with Rollers

Kantek Premium Footrest with RollersHelp Dad relax those tired dogs with this premium footrest from Kantek.  It features unique rollers to massage tired feet, and is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort.

Item:  KTKFR750
Price:  $39.95
List:  $49.99

#5.  Logitech Compact Laptop Speakers

Logitech Compact Laptop SpeakersWhat everybody needs…get great stereo sound from your laptop!  Logitech compact laptop speakers provide a robust, full stereo sound. You can also plug in headphones to listen to movies, music and games without disturbing others with a convenient built-in headphone jack.

Item:  LOG980000417
Price:  $22.98
List:  $35.00

#4.  Cross Edge Titanium Pen

Cross Edge Titanium PenThis isn’t you granddad’s Cross Pen. New Cross Edge Titanium features a stylish titanium barrel, has a larger size for comfort, and comes in a classic gift box.   Cross guarantees years of smooth writing, and at this price, you can’t miss with Dad or a Grad!

Item:  CROAT05555
Price:  $29.99
List:  $42.00

#3.  OIF Leather Desk Chair

OIF Leather Desk ChairThis leather adjustable desk chair with swivel and tilt is such a great deal it’s good for Dad to dress up the study, or perfect for the graduate who wants a comfortable economical chair for his desk.  Work in comfort and appreciate this incredible value.  Free shipping too!

Item:  OIFST4819
Price:  $85.99
List:  $139.00

#2.  Kensington Mini Battery Pack for iPhone

Kensington Mini Battery Pack for iPhoneThis is kind of for you too!  Ensure your student always has a charge for his iPhone so you can stay connected!  This unique battery pack keeps your iPhone or iPod  powered or charged whenever and wherever you need it. Extends play time up to 15 hours of music, 4 hours of video or 3 hours of talk time.  And, it’s small enough to slip in a pocket or stay attached to your device.

Price:  $29.99
List:  $45.95

And the #1 gift idea for your Dad or Grad……

#1.  The Targus CityGear Miami Messenger Laptop Case is Awesome!

Targus CityGear Miami Messenger Laptop CaseThis lightweight case does everything, and at an incredible price.  It protects laptops up to 17.3”, has a removable mobile phone pouch, a hidden water bottle pocket, accessory storage, key clip, shoulder strap….and I’m just getting started.  An awesome case for a Grad or your Dad!

Item:  TRGTCG200
Price:  $31.99
List:  $69.99

Zuma offers congratulations to all the graduates out there, and also wishes a Happy Father’s Day to all you Dad’s.  It’s our hope this list makes their celebration just a little sweeter.  Enjoy!

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Zuma Office Supply Awarded Google Trusted Store Badge

(Austin, TX) April 28, 2014 – Zuma Office Supply, an online office supply store featuring personal service and low prices on office supplies, janitorial supplies and break room products, was recently selected to join the Google Trusted Stores program. To help shoppers identify online merchants that offer a great shopping experience, the Google Trusted Store badge is awarded to ecommerce sites that demonstrate a track record of on time shipping and excellent customer service.

When visiting the website, shoppers can click the Google Trusted Store badge and see metrics on the store’s shipping and customer service performance.  Zuma now has an incredible 100% rating for excellent service and a 99% rating for on time shipping.

zuma-google-trusted-store“We are excited to receive the Google Trusted Store Badge as recognition for our outstanding customer service and delivery speed,” said Greg Pierce, President of Zuma Office Supply.  “We are in business to give back and help others, but to truly make a difference we have to grow into a sizeable company.  The Google Trusted Store Badge will help us attract new customers who have not previously shopped with Zuma because they can visibly see we provide fantastic service on top of our everyday low prices.”

As an added benefit, when a shopper makes a purchase at a Google Trusted Store, they have the option to select free purchase protection from Google. Then in the unlikely event of an issue with their purchase, they can request Google’s help, and Google will work with Zuma and the customer to address the issue. As part of this, Google offers up to $1,000 lifetime purchase protection for eligible purchases.

Google Trusted Stores is entirely free, both for shoppers and for online stores. The program helps online stores like attract new customers, increase sales and differentiate themselves by showing off their excellent service via the badge on their websites.

Zuma Office Supply is an ecommerce office supplies retailer who provides over 48,000 various office products to businesses nationwide.  Through their website, they provide next day nationwide delivery for most orders, and have a business model that donates over 50% of annual profits to ten awesome nonprofit organizations.  Zuma is headquartered in Austin, TX.

To learn more about Zuma Office Supply, visit, email, or call toll free 877-473-4097.  To learn more about how Zuma gives back, visit

Stephan R. Vonn

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Zuma Office Supply Receives Austin Gives Award for Top Philanthropic Efforts

Community Program Recognizes Austin Companies that Give Back at Awards Event

(Austin, TX) January 28, 2014 – Austin Gives, an organization dedicated to recognizing and encouraging business philanthropy, awarded Zuma Office Supply for their outstanding efforts in giving back to the community.  The awards ceremony to celebrate and encourage citywide giving took place at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin, and included community leaders, local businesses and the nonprofits they support.

John Paul DeJoria, co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems and Patron Spirits, was the keynote speaker, who spoke on the importance of business philanthropy in society.  Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell was also a featured speaker, and Judy Maggio and Walt Maciborski, anchors for KEYE TV, were the event’s emcees.

“Most people have either time or resources to donate, and businesses are no different,” said John Paul DeJoria. “We contribute to make the world a better place to live, which makes everyone better, and in Austin, the generosity of local businesses makes this city a better place to live.”


Zuma Office Supply received the Charitable Champion Award for their support of nonprofits through monetary donations, and volunteered time.   Their business model is structured to donate a minimum of 50% of the company’s annual profits to 10 nonprofits each year, which are selected through a voting process completed by Zuma’s customers while shopping online.

Greg Pierce, President of Zuma, receives the Charitable Champions award at the Austin Gives event.

Greg Pierce, President of Zuma, receives the Charitable Champions award at the Austin Gives event.

Additionally, Zuma employee’s volunteer time through company-wide projects, which have included providing relief for those affected by the recent Austin floods and holiday food drives.  Zuma’s Capital Area Food Bank food drive at Vandegrift High School raised an amazing 2850 pounds of food which equals 2375 meals for hungry Central Texans during the holiday season.  In 2013, Zuma won 2nd place in the Capital Area Food Bank’s Small Business Challenge, and they also participated in the Salvation Army’s Shoe-In program which donated over 800 pairs of shoes and 2000 pairs of socks to school children in need of footwear.

“We believe that business has a unique opportunity to help others and create positive social change,” said Greg Pierce, President and co-founder of Zuma Office Supply.  “Volunteering and giving back to worthy charitable organizations adds immense meaning to our daily work lives.”  Pierce went on to say that Zuma practices a Conscious Capitalism business model, and when businesses give back it’s good for the community, good for employees, and ultimately good for the business itself.

As part of the award, Austin Gives donated $1000 on behalf of Zuma to the Austin Shelter for Women and Children, a shelter facility run by the Salvation Army.  Other Austin Gives award winners included eBay and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for their extraordinary charitable work in the community.  All three companies were recognized at the Austin Gives event.

Austin Gives - Business Giving Back

Other companies recognized by Austin Gives were eBay and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

“I’m proud to support an organization that promotes the overall social and economic welfare of the city of Austin by encouraging local businesses to give back,” said Mayor Lee Leffingwell. “Austin Gives has achieved tremendous growth, and I look forward to seeing the success of this Austin community program continue for years to come.”


Zuma Office Supply is an ecommerce office supplies retailer who provides over 40,000 various office products to businesses nationwide.  Through their website, they provide next day nationwide delivery for most orders, and have a business model that donates over 50% of annual profits to ten nonprofit organizations.  Zuma is headquartered in Austin, TX.

To learn more about Zuma Office Supply, visit, email,, or call toll free 877-473-4097.


The Austin Gives GeneroCity Award Program was created to recognize Austin businesses that are leaders in giving back to community-based, non-profit organizations. Each year, one small, one medium and one large business is recognized at the annual GeneroCity Awards celebration.  Award recipients are selected by a panel comprised of local community leaders, including Nikelle Meade of Husch Blackwell; John-Michael Cortez of Capital Metro; Olga Campos of U.S. Money Reserve; Denise Bradley of St. David’s Healthcare; and Bobby Jenkins of ABC Home & Commercial Services.

To learn more information about Austin Gives or to join the organization at no charge, visit, email or contact Debbie Johnson, executive director of Austin Gives at 512-517-9485.

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Zuma Office Gives Back – Local Company Donates Half Of Its Profits

Four Points News
December 18, 2013 – Austin, TX

A former corporate VP built a national office supply business out of Steiner Ranch, which gives half its profits away to 10 selected charities.  “Zuma opened in December 2009 with the mission to give back to others, and do business the right way,” said founder Greg Pierce, who spent over 25 years in the office supplies industry.
One example of giving back is that Zuma hosted a Capital Area Food Bank donation site at Vandegrift High School over the past two months. Last week, it donated four pallets of food weighing some 3,500 pounds and representing 4,375 meals.
“Last year, we raised over 450 meals during the event,” said Pierce, who after years of dealing with the big box chains started working with a vision of building a business that makes a difference.  Zuma was created, inspired by the principles of a “Conscious Capitalism” business model, to offer an alternative to today’s office supply stores,” Pierce said.
Conscious Capitalism focuses on the purpose beyond profit. Making money is essential, but it is not the most important reason a business exists, Pierce said.  “I feel it’s businesses’ responsibility to change society by giving back,” he said.

Zuma raised over 5,000 meals alone this year for the Capital Area Food Bank.

Zuma raised over 5,000 meals this year alone for the Capital Area Food Bank.

Creating Zuma
In 2008, Pierce worked for office supply giant Acco Brands in Chicago, IL. He had been in the industry for 25 years and as a senior vice-president in marketing, he saw the future of the business moving quickly to the internet.
Pierce found a web designer, who soon quit after doing a first prototype. Not to be deterred, Pierce wrote a business plan in August 2008, secured financing and left his well-paying corporate job just months before the financial meltdown hit the markets.
“The banks failed to deliver their promised financing to us and they all pulled back,” Pierce said. However several factors converged, the first being his wife Carrie wanted to move back to Texas. “She was done with the Chicago winters.”
But it was tough to sell their house. “It was a big house but it had be devalued over $200,000 quickly and banks stopped making loans to buyers,” he said, noting they pulled all the strings including pulling out college saving 529 plan funds.  Meanwhile corporate job opportunities came to Pierce, and one was a high-level general manager job at a national firm. He interviewed for it but didn’t get it. “Ultimately it was a good thing,” he said.
Fast forward, the Pierce family ended up moving to Steiner in 2010.  “We moved here specifically to Steiner Ranch and particularly for our son Jackson to attend Vandegrift High School,” Pierce said.
Pierce got another web designer and went live in January 2010. “But competitors had caught up between 2008 and 2010,” Pierce said. He used high-level contacts from his corporate career as a starting point. Still the company’s first month attracted only $1,500 in sales.  “We made a decision to reboot the website,” he said. Zuma improved their search engine optimization or SEO, their web design and marketing, doing much of the work themselves as money was tight.
One of Zuma’s competitive advantages is competing well against big box office stores.  “Our prices are better, 10 to 40 percent better than big box stores,” Pierce said. Customer service is better at Zuma with independent rating web sites giving Zuma a score of 4.93 out of 5, he added. Zuma offers next day delivery and delivery nationwide.  The company’s sweet spot is small business, home-office businesses, churches and non-profit businesses.
Zuma’s graphics and web design are handled in Austin while pricing analysis, public relations, and marketing are handled elsewhere. “We are the poster child for building virtual teams in a virtual online company,” Pierce said.

Giving Back to Charity
All along the business model has not changed: Zuma gives back half to charity.
Even when Zuma was not profitable, the company committed to giving a minimum of $500 to each of the 10 charities each year. “Actually we gave much more,” Pierce said. By the third year the company was profitable. Since 2010 Zuma has given over $25,000 to charities.

Big Brothers Big Sisters in one of the popular charities that Zuma supports that is really making a difference.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is one of the popular charities that Zuma supports that really makes a difference.

Zuma charities include Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Save the Children, SafePlace, The V Foundation for Cancer Research (named for the inspirational former North Carolina State basketball coach Jimmy Valvano), The Salvation Army, Year Up (education for disadvantaged youth), Capital Area Food Bank of Texas, Fisher House Foundation (military families), Best Friends Animal Society and Prison Entrepreneurship Program (prison mentorship).
“We are making a difference, giving one half to charity,” Pierce said.  Zuma Office was one of four finalists in the Austin GeneroCity Awards for most philanthropic small business in Austin. The company won second place in the Capital Area Food Bank’s Small Business Challenge generating over 2,147 meals from their volunteer work, monetary and food donations.

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Holiday Gift Ideas – Our Annual Top 10 List!

Just in time for the holidays, here’s Zuma’s annual Top 10 List of great Gift Ideas for those folks who have no idea what to buy that special someone this Christmas. Of course there’s a strong leaning towards technology accessories, personal organization and office supplies, but you’ll be surprised at the unique gift ideas – all available at

Without further adieu, here are some truly creative gifts that everyone would love to find under the tree.

Zuma’s Top Ten Holiday Gift Ideas

10. Uniden Digital Wireless Video Surveillance System, 7″ LCD Monitor – View Item UNDUDS655

Easy-to-use, remote access and hi-res monitor.

Easy-to-use, remote access, and hi-res monitor.

Feel secure and enjoy peace of mind with this easy-to-use wireless surveillance system. Remotely access live video from up to four cameras anytime, anywhere via iPad®, iPhone®, Android™ Smartphones, tablets or PC.

9. Safco Stow And Go Cart, Compact with Telescoping Handle, Black – View Item SAF4054BL

Great for travelers. Light weight yet extremely durable.

Great for travelers. Light weight yet extremely durable.

This convenient cart holds samples, binders, supplies and more. It easily folds up, so it stows easily for airplane travel. Fits in overhead bins and under seats!

8. Fellowes Climate Control Back Rest, Gel Pack Heats & Chills , Black – View Item FEL9190001

Get real comfort with temperature control and back support. Gel lumbar pack conforms to individual users for flexible back support. Gel pack heats up or chills, and fits most office chairs.

7. Alera® Logan Series Mesh High-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair, Black – View Item ALELG41ME10B

Contoured mesh cushions for comfort at incredible price!

Contoured mesh cushions for comfort at incredible price!

Enjoy plush comfort and all-day support with contoured cushions and mesh fabric upholstery. Mesh fabric arm pads provide added comfort – all for under $120!

6. Victor® Smart Phone Charging Dock with Pencil Cup – View Item VCTPH750

Charges all Smart phones and tablets!

Charges all Smart phones and tablets!

Wow, a phone charger and pencil cup all in one. The Smart Charge Dock features a connector that fits your smartphone or tablet. A removable rubber bumper helps to accommodate devices with or without protective cases.

5. The “Office Space” Swingline Red Stapler – View Item SWI74736

That’s right – check out the stapler made famous by Milton and loved by thousands! It makes the perfect gift for the person who has everything, and priced under $20!

4. Fellowes Powershred 69Cb Deskside Cross-Cut Shredder, 10 Sheet Capacity – View Item FEL3343301

Get ultimate security with this cross-cut ultra-quite shredder. Features a Jam Proof system that prevents paper overloads, and shreds paper, staples, credit cards and paper clips.

3. Logitech Z130 Compact Laptop Speakers, 3.5mm Jack, Black – View Item LOG980000417

Perfect for students or for the office!

Perfect for students or for the office!

Perfect for students and under $25! Compact laptop speakers provide a robust, full stereo sound. Plug in headphones to listen to movies, music and games without disturbing others.

2. Improv Electronics Boogie Board Original LCD eWriter – View Item IMV85BLKA0002

Boogie Boards provide a writing experience just like pen and paper that erases with the touch of a button.

Boogie Boards provide a writing experience just like pen and paper that erases with the touch of a button.

This awesome eWriter features a revolutionary LCD that provides a writing experience that feels just like pen and paper. A great item to let kids write, sketch and draw!  Erase your image with the touch of a button. A cool alternative to memo pads, sketchbooks, and dry erase boards.

And the #1 Holiday Gift Idea is…

1. Samsill iPad Zipper Padholder With Magnetic Flap, Black – View Item SAM70600

Protects and secures your tablet, with magnetic flap for instant access!

Protects and secures your tablet, and features a magnetic flap for instant access!

A cool magnetic flap makes your iPad instantly accessible while providing secure protection. Designed for iPad or any other 10.1″ tablet. The padded cover looks and feels like fine nappa leather, all for under $45!

Make your holiday shopping easy on yourself, and shop online from the comfort of your own home or office.  These great gift ideas are sure to please, and go easy on your pocketbook too.  Happy Holidays!

by:  Stephen R Vonn

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