Make Your Space Less Boring

Nobody likes to work in a monochrome box for 8 hours. Don’t worry, Zuma has a solution. You spend a third of your day at work, so you might as well try to make your office space your own. Here are some easy ways to make your space better, more colorful, and not so boring.

Save the Day with Post-Its

Create a wall of color with Post-It notes. They are the easiest way to brighten up any space. Just stick them everywhere and feel your frown turn upside down. Everyone is always in need of a post-it so be your office hero! Not only can you save the day, but you will have the most colorful cubicle around.


Put Your Ideas on Paper

Don’t forget all your amazing ideas you want to share at the next meeting. There are so many options out there, get a notebook that fits you. Get the creativity flowing by jotting down quick ideas or just stay organized with your daily responsibilities. Check out the TOPS Idea Creative Journal to help get you to the next level.


Whiteboards are AWESOME!

When work slows down or you just need that 5 to 10 min break, make sure you have added a Whiteboard to your space. Get some colorful markers and let the games begin. They’re great for playing tic-tac-toe with coworkers or creating funny doodles that make you and your friends laugh throughout the day.



Get Comfortable at Work

Your chair might never be a magical throne, but it can have an awesome backrest that provides you with the  support you need. We have many unique designs that offer comfort and support while promoting good posture. Try the Breathable mesh which allows airflow for cool, comfortable use. Elastic strap secures backrest in place. Ideal for office, auto or home use. We want to help make you more  comfortable, and just feel better at work!

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Zuma’s Price Guarantee

Zuma compares it’s prices to the big box office product superstores like Office Depot, Staples and OfficeMax, and our price guarantee is to meet or beat their every day website prices. Most items are priced substantially under the office “Big Box” stores. offers the lowest total cost and great value for all your office supply needs, with nationwide fast, free delivery. Saving time saves you money, and knowing Zuma is shopping the competition means you don´t have to.

And remember, Zuma does not collect sales tax in most states (only CA, FL, MA, MD, MS, TN and TX).

Office product pricing can be complicated with so many similar brands and products. If you see prices that appear lower, simply email us at We will ensure you are comparing items of the same quality, and match superstore pricing. We are committed to providing products of equal or better quality with pricing that meets or beats Office Depot, Staples or OfficeMax.

Please Note: This price guarantee is for published every day superstore website pricing, and MAY NOT include superstore promotional offers or items.

Check us out at: 

Compare The Lowest Total Cost Office Mega Store
Order Total: $80.00 Order Total: $85.00
Free delivery: $0.00
Gas to retail store: (1 gallon)
Time to shop online: (15 min @ $15.00) $3.75 Travel/Shop Time: (1 hr @$15.00) $15.00
Sales Tax: $0.00
Sales Tax: 8% $6.80
Total True Cost: $83.75 Total True Cost: $110.30
Zuma Savings: $26.55 or 24%!    

An order that looks like good savings of $5.00 actually has GREAT savings comparing your Total Costs.

You would save $26.55, or 24% shopping online with Zuma’s Price Guarantee!

Bulk Quantities and Volume Bid Pricing

  • Zuma´s pricing policy is to offer every day low prices for all your office supply needs. However, there may be certain products where we are able to offer volume discounts and save you money, depending on the items and quantities involved.
  • If you feel you qualify for volume pricing, or would like us to quote on a bid proposal, please email us at, call us toll free at 1–877–473–4097 or fax us at 1–512–593-5596.
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Should My Business Sign Up For Zuma Business Class?

Q & A On The New ZBC Program:

Zuma recently launched a new program called Zuma Business Class that includes lower prices on select office supplies, lower free shipping minimums, and more. Here’s a quick Q & A to help you decide if ZBC is right for you:

Q: Why should we join Zuma Business Class?

A: You get 5 – 15% off over 14,000 office supplies and janitorial supply items. This includes many ink and toner products including brands like HP and Brother. You also get free shipping with orders of $45 or more instead of our normal free shipping level of $75.

Q: What does it cost me?

A: There is no charge to join ZBC, and no confusing contract or commitment. All we asked is that you purchase a minimum of $400 per month in total purchases, and enjoy the savings.  That’s only $100 per week of our huge selection of office, break room and janitorial supplies.

Q: This sounds too good to be true. What’s in it for Zuma?

A: Zuma wants to sell more products to our current loyal customers. We have many customers who find us online and buy only the same 1-2 items every time like binders or classification folders.  They have no idea we have fantastic prices on a huge selection of office and janitorial supplies. We know if customers will compare our prices, they will buy more from Zuma.

Q: What items have lower prices?

A: Key items like our lowest priced copy paper item – UNV91200. Also, HP has a strict Price Policy which sets the lowest price we can sell an HP item for online. However, if we have the item in a “special price plan” that you have to log-in to view, we can sell HP items for whatever is right for our business. So, we have over 600 HP ink and toner items included in ZBC. This was a big reason we designed the program.

Q: I’ve joined other “contract” programs like Staples Business Advantage. They made me sign an agreement to buy everything from them, and there were annual fees. Is ZBC like that?

A: No – there are NO fees to join ZBC, and NO requirements to buy everything from Zuma. All we ask is that you purchase a minimum of $400 per month. Hopefully you start comparing prices and see you’ll save money for your business buying more from Zuma.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Just call Zuma at 877-473-4097, or email us at and ask for a ZBC sign up form. Sign the form and return, and we’ll get your account set up for ZBC Pricing and $45 free shipping that same day.

Q: I’d like to set up Payment Terms with Zuma as part of this program. How do I do that?

A: When completing the ZBC sign up form, just write Yes in the Payment Terms area, and we will follow-up with all you need.

If you have any additional questions, please call. If your business buys $400 or more of office supplies, janitorial supplies and break room like most every business does, it’s truly a “no brainer”. Thank you for your business – let’s Do Good Work together!

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Business Philantropy is Growing and Making a Difference

The Austin American Statesman featured an article this weekend highlighting giving back in Austin. Using statistics from a new report from Rodman and Associates on philanthropy in Austin, the article explains how companies are contributing to the community more than ever, and truly making a difference in people’s lives.

Here is the full America Statesman article entitled “Survey says Austin businesses give more than ever”.

The article features and our activity in the community explaining how selling office supplies online can also be used as a means to do good work for others and support causes and people in need. Also featured in the article was Amy’s Ice Cream, a well known and much loved local company well known for fantastic ice cream, and helping others.

Zuma staffers working the Central Texas Food Bank mobile food pantry.

“This is a moment whose time has come,” said Debbie Johnson, principal of Austin-based consultants Successful Giving and co-author of “Give for Good: A How-To Guide for Business Giving.” “There are a lot more companies in Austin and around the country that are not only giving back, but giving back much more visibly.”

Buying office supplies is something business and individuals do all the time – a usually mundane task of stocking the supply cabinet or getting office products to finish a project. Zuma takes the routine out of this task, and turns it into an event for good by sharing its profits with great charities that make a difference.

“Zuma is in business to give back,” said Greg Pierce, President of “It gives us a Higher Purpose to get up and go to work in the morning, while keeping us focused on being the best company we can be. The fact is the better job we do, the more customers we can attract and satisfy, the more we are able to give back and make a difference”.

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How to Buy Classification Folders Video Now Live

We’ve recently added a new video to our “How To” series to help educate office supply shoppers on how to buy office products that are a little tricky.  Like our How to Buy Ring Binder video previously produced, How To Buy Classification Folders briefly goes through all you need to know to make the right purchase every time.

From explaining the difference between classification folder sections and dividers to visually showing you the difference between top tab and end tab file folders, this video quickly takes the confusion out of buying one of the product categories we hear the most questions about.

Filmed outside the offices in beautiful Austin, TX, the video features music by one of our favorite Austin area musicians, Isreal Nash, (if you haven’t heard the album Rain Plans you are missing out).  Check out How To Buy Classification Folders by clicking the link, or going to the “How to Video” section of the Zuma blog.

Universal Classification Folders

Learn the ends and outs of buying Classification Folders like this 6 section folder from Universal.

If you have any office supplies, technology supplies or janitorial supplies that are confusing, and you would like a short video produced to explain the details, let us know and we’ll be happy to consider it.  Buying office supplies should be easy, and at Zuma we want to do all we can to take the guess work out of finding what you need for your business.

Thanks for helping Zuma do good work!

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VHS and Zuma Central Texas Food Drive Makes a Real Difference

Vandegrift High School, Four Points Middle School and Zuma Office Helping To Feed Hungry Central Texans!

Vandegrift High School and Four Points Middle School, in partnership with, had another incredible holiday food drive supporting the Central Texas Food Bank. The 5th Annual event collected 2,757 lbs. of food for hungry Central Texans at a time when the food bank has an increased need for donations.

Since the food drive’s modest beginnings in 2012, over 11,000 pounds of food equaling 9,269 meals has been collected. Cliff Ellis, head coach of the Vandegrift High School Boys Basketball team, April Dang, team Mom, and Greg Pierce, founder of office supplies company, came up with the idea for a food drive when Coach Ellis was looking for a way for the team to give back to the community.

Pictured left to right: Greg Pierce, Zuma Office, Hope Todd, FPMS, Amy Elms, CTFB, and Coach Cliff Ellis, VHS

“That first year, we asked our fans coming to a game during the holidays to bring a food item, and we put a couple of bins around the school asking for donations,” said Coach Ellis. “What started as a few boxes of food donated that first year has mushroomed into about ten pallets of food being collected each year.”

The key to the food drives growth was including Four Points Middle School in the event in 2013. The efforts of FPMS, led by Coach Hope Todd, have been nothing short of amazing always accounting for over half of the total donations. The school uses friendly competition between the grades to encourage student donations, and the results speak for themselves.

Amy Elms, Community Events Coordinator with the Central Texas Food Bank recognized the achievements of the food drive with a recent photograph with the organizers. “We are always amazed at the donations that come to us each year from Vandegrift and Four Points with the coordination and logistics help from Zuma. It shows the giving spirit of the students and their families and is so appreciated by the CTFB.”

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Zuma Office and Vandegrift High School Launch Central Texas Food Bank Food Drive is again working with students and faculty at Vandegrift High School and Four Points Middle School for the 5th Annual Central Texas Food Bank Food Drive. Non-perishable food items are being collected now at both schools for hungry families in need, and we look forward to another record year of donations.

The food drive started as an idea of VHS boy’s basketball coach Cliff Ellis and Greg Pierce of Zuma Office as a way for the basketball team to give back to the community. That first year, four of the large Central Texas Food Bank donation boxes were filled and a holiday community service tradition was begun.

The Central Texas Food Bank Food Drive has raised over 7400 lbs of food!

The Central Texas Food Bank Food Drive has raised over 8300 lbs of food!

It has mushroomed to include nearby Four Points Middle School, the VHS Honor Society, Student Council and UNICEF, and has now collected over 8,300 pounds of food for hungry central Texans in need for the holidays. Last year’s results were 17 donation boxes showing the incredible generosity of area students and families!

If you’re out around VHS or FPMS before the schools close for the holidays, take by some canned goods and help feed the hungry this holiday season. Zuma is honored to work with these awesome schools and the Central Texas Food Bank!

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Zuma 2015 Charitable Giving Recap – Change to Giving Back Program

We are always excited to make our annual contributions to the life changing charities we support, and to thank our customers for helping us give back. Zuma was founded with the dream of making a difference in people’s lives simply by selling office supplies, but we couldn’t do anything without our caring, loyal customers.

We also want to announce a change to Zuma’s giving back program taking effect in  November. We’ve been debating the way we promote our giving back program for some time. In a way it is patting ourselves on the back, and somewhat bragging about helping our fellow human beings, as opposed to humbly doing good work. After careful consideration, we have decided to greatly reduce the amount of self-promotion for our giving back program.

Zuma will continue with our founding principles of donating over half our operating profits to charity, but no longer will we ask our shoppers to select the charity they prefer we support at checkout. Zuma will continue our business purpose to Do Good Work through donating over half our profits to charity, volunteer work, our annual Central Texas Food Bank Food drive and more. We will simply do it without as much self-promotion.

We pledge to be a better example of writer Elizabeth Bibesco’s inspiring words:
“Blessed are those who can give without remembering, and take without forgetting.”

The V Foundation for Cancer Research

The V Foundation was our #2 most voted for charity!


In what will be our last Charity Voting recap, this is how our customers voted when purchasing at during our fiscal year 2015, (charities listed in order of votes received). Our annual donations are based on the percentage of votes for each charity.  To learn more about any of the charities, simply click their name:
1. Best Friends Animal Society – Animal Relief & Rescue
2. The V Foundation for Cancer Research – Cancer Research
3. Fisher House Foundation – Military Families
4. Big Brothers / Big Sisters – Children Mentorship
5. SafePlace – Domestic Violence Support
6. Save the Children – Children Aid
7. Salvation Army – Humanitarian Aid
8. Central Texas Food Bank – Hunger Prevention
9. Year Up – Education For Disadvantaged Youth
10. Prison Entrepreneurship Program – Prison Mentorship


Since our inception, Zuma has donated well over half our profits to worthy causes. In fact the real number is 80%+ of profits. Zuma has donated over $51,000 in cash contributions and in-kind product donations to the charities we support in our short time in business.

In truth, our business and profit plans were to give back even more by this time. However, we underestimated how difficult it is to start a family business from scratch in an ultra-competitive industry like office supplies and truly make a profit, (the increased price competition created by the failed Staples and Office Depot merger certainly have not helped).

You can be a BIG help to our growth! Social media is a personal and free way to help us reach new customers. “Like Us” on Facebook and “Follow Us” on Twitter. Then share our great offers with fellow businesses and your friends to help spread the word. We promise our social media team will make you laugh!


People often ask why we give back. Here’s why:
1. To help worthy causes and make a difference in people’s lives!
2. To add meaning to the work life of all Zuma employees.
3. To be an example to other businesses, and encourage others to adopt a similar “giving back” model.
4. To encourage our customers to volunteer time and donate to their favorite charities.

Should you have any questions regarding our giving back business model, Conscious Capitalism, or would like to discuss the changes to our giving back approach, feel free to email me at or call 877-473-4097. I would love to converse with you.

Thank you for letting us serve you, and in turn helping Zuma serve others.

Please Note: The charities we support are selected by Zuma staff and customer input, and does not reflect an endorsement by those charities of our company or our products. They are simply great organizations we believe in and support.

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Buy Recycled Office Supplies and Make a Difference!

It’s great to see more businesses recycling in their office, and also reusing the materials being recycled by purchasing recycled office supplies. In fact, the office products you use can make a real difference to our environment by reducing waste, carbon emissions, and being gentler to our earth.

First let’s talk about recycling in your office. If you are not already recycling at your company, start today. Most employees want to participate because they already recycle at home, it’s simple to do, and it keeps paper, plastics and glass out of our already overcrowded landfills.

Start by putting recycled bins around the office and even by employee desks. Recycling collection cans like the Rubbermaid RCP295673BE sell for under $8.00, and feature the recycled seal so it’s clear only recycled materials go here. For larger collection needs in break rooms or copy rooms, try Rubbermaid’s 20 gallon Brute recycling containers – item RCP262073BLU – for under $35. Or, simply reuse old cardboard boxes for collecting recycled goods, and tape the recycled triangle seal on the front.

Once your business is recycling, it’s time to start buying recycled products. Many people are surprised to learn there is a glut of some recycled materials today because many people recycle at their home or office, but they are not completing the “recycling triangle” by purchasing items made from recycled material. You will make the greatest impact by switching to recycled copy paper, which is the largest volume paper item used in offices. While it costs a little more than virgin paper, it has the most impact and the savings for our environment offsets the price difference.

Zuma recommends Boise Aspen 100% Recycled Paper to go green.

Zuma recommends Boise Aspen 100% Recycled Paper to go green.

Zuma suggests Navigator premium recycled paper as our best value/quality recycled paper – item SNANR1120. It’s made with a “Super White” formula so it’s high brightness paper, and it contains 30% post consumer waste paper. Or, if you’d like to really go green, consider using Boise Aspen 100% – item CAS054922 – which is made from 100% recycled fibers.

Binders and file folders are another high use office supply item, and Zuma features view binders, classification folders and hanging file folders which are all made from recycled material. These are available in national brands like Avery, Smead and Universal, and the nice thing with buying our store brand Universal is you can buy recycled content products and actually pay less!

Now review your Break Room and Janitorial Supplies and identify paper items that can easily be switched to recycled products. We all know most companies don’t buy the softest premium paper towels and tissues for the office, so switching to recycled will barely be noticed. Marcal and Seventh Generation brands offer many products in this area, and Boardwalk has some lower cost recycled content alternatives.

Bottle-2-Pen is made from recycled plastic water bottles!

Bottle-2-Pen is made from recycled plastic water bottles!

As a quick guide, these are the product categories that are easy to switch to recycled content products:
Printer paper, envelopes, Post-It Notes, file folders, binders, writing pads, paper towels, toilet tissue, napkins, paper cups. There are also many items using recycled plastic like Pilot B2P pens made with recycled water bottles, and the Bic Ecolution line of pencils, pens and correction tape.

The good news is more people are buying recycled products than ever before, which is good for our planet and good for future generations. Let’s all do good work together by actively protecting our environment, first by recycling in the workplace, and second by buying recycled office and janitorial supplies that are used in bulk in your office. We are here to help with cross references and product suggestions to enable you go green at your business today!

By:  Stephan R Vonn

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Win a FREE Keurig® K-Cup Brewing System from Zuma

Refer a New Customer to Zuma and be entered to WIN…plus get 10% Off!

How It Works:

  1. Refer a fellow business or friend to place an order with Zuma.

  2. To enter, when ordering they must type Your Name and the term “Refer a Friend” in the Special Instructions Block at the bottom of the Checkout Page.

    Example:  Jane Smyth – Refer a Friend

  3. This enters both you and the new customer into the drawing for a FREE Keurig® Coffee Maker.

  4. You win no matter what!  All customers who refer a friend will receive an email for 10% off your next order, maximum discount $20.

The number of people who refer friends on promotions is generally low.  We expect to get a handful of referrals, so your odds of winning are REALLY HIGH!

The Keurig® K145 Brewing System makes a perfect cup of coffee every time - and it can be yours!

This Keurig® OfficePRO K145 Brewing System can be yours!

Important Notes:

  • Start telling your friends today.  Entries are accepted from June 1 to June 30, 2016.

  • The “New Customer” must be a verified new shopper with  Orders by customers/locations who have purchased from Zuma in the past will not qualify.

  • You may enter multiple times.  Refer 5 friends and get 5 entries.

  • Drawing will be held in early July, and free brewer will be delivered by July 31, 2016!

    keurig refer friend rekko

About the free Keurig® K-cup Brewing System:
The Keurig® OfficePRO K145 Brewing System brews a perfect cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or iced beverages in under a minute.  With the choice of three cup sizes, you can brew the beverage you love at the touch of a button!

The Keurig® OfficePRO K145 has a list price of $217.50, and Zuma has it on sell now for $119.97.  It can be yours free simply by referring a friend to Zuma.

Thanks for helping Zuma Do Good Work!

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