November Charity Highlight: Living Water International

Water is one of the necessary things for life, wellness, and dignity. Every person deserves clean drinking water to thrive, and Living Water International strives to provide that.

This organization began in 1990 after a group of people from Houston, Texas traveled to Kenya and witnessed the dire need for clean drinking water. They wanted to figure out how people can receive clean, sustainable water to restore their dignity and boost their quality of living. Since then, Living Water has established over 20,000 projects so that communities have access to wells and systems. The group has also promoted the education of clean water’s impact on life.

Furthermore, Living Water desires to ensure that the people in these communities feel empowered to sustain themselves. Their staff works with locals to learn about the right systems that they need and the strategies for building those systems. Having clean, sustainable water affects multiple facets of people’s lives. As a Christian organization, Living Water staff partners with local churches to educate people about their health and ways to improve their livelihoods. Hygiene and sanitation programs help raise awareness of disease and germs, which enable people to build healthy habits. The organization also believes that their mission is share the gospel of Jesus Christ, so their work is both spiritual and tangible.

Living Water has accomplished tremendous progress in empowering people with clean drinking water. Water is a necessity for all, but a luxury for many. One day, the goal is for all to have it as a met need.

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