March Charity Highlight: The Salvation Army

During these unprecedented times, good news is more than welcome. It’s important to remember the men and women who are lifting up communities and advocating for the marginalized in a time where it can be easy to think “every man for himself.” This month’s charity highlight features The Salvation Army, a celebrated organization that has long served people without discrimination.

            An English preacher named William Booth began the organization in 1865, starting in East London. He was dubbed the group’s first “General,” and his army of volunteers grew throughout years of history and change to become one of the world’s most established charities. They’re well-known today for the Santa Clauses ringing merry bells outside grocery stores at Christmastime, but they also have a diverse range of programs that aim for long-term progress. They’re leaders in fighting homelessness by providing services that enable the homeless to secure independent lifestyles and freedom from poverty. The Salvation Army offers children’s camp programs that educate, nurture, and encourage the younger generation to reach their greatest potential. This organization even holds events like Donut Day, which remembers the nurses who made donuts at the frontlines for soldiers during World War I. There’s something for everyone to get involved in, and that’s part of the beauty of The Salvation Army.

            One other illuminating aspect of The Salvation Army’s work is their adherence to staying up and running because of people’s generous donations. They don’t receive any government funding, and all donations go straight to their direct services. Supporters can trust that every single penny is funneled into helping local communities thrive and find hope when the world feels dark.

            The Salvation Army’s mission is to serve those in crisis, whether in a local community or on a global level. Donating monetary support or volunteering at a homeless shelter are just some of the many ways for people to get involved. Everyone is offered the opportunity to reach out to their neighbors and help restore dignity to the marginalized. It’s time to invest in a mission that seeks to give hope to the hopeless.

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