ZumaOffice.com Announces New and Improved Website

More Features and Easier to Shop!

ZumaOffice.com is excited to announce the launch of a newly redesigned website featuring site improvements and design upgrades that make shopping easier and faster than ever before.

You’ll notice newly created Category Landing Pages that feature our full range of products, so you are more aware of the huge breadth of products sold at ZumaOffice.com. From Office Supplies, Cleaning Supplies, Ink and Toner, Breakroom Supplies and Office Furniture, these pages feature images of our top selling categories to help you quickly find and click the products you need.

Customers have asked us for Ratings and Reviews on products to help you decide on new products you may be unfamiliar with, and Zuma delivers. You’ll notice many items now have ratings and customer reviews, and we ask you to add your own to help fellow Zuma shoppers learn about the latest and greatest office supply items they should purchase.

Want to know what the current specials are from Zuma without having to search your emails for coupon codes? Now you can click the Special Offers and Coupons banner on our home page, and go straight to our blog that features all current coupons and specials.

Features like Quick Ordering, your Favorites List, and Order Tracking are now more visible, so you can take advantage of these helpful shopping tools. If you’re a regular shopper for office supplies and janitorial supplies on ZumaOffice.com, you should definitely be using our Favorites List!

We’ve increased the overall size of the website so that everything is easier on the eyes and easy to see. ZumaOffice.com is now a “dynamically sized” website that adjusts to your screen size, so for those of you with large computer screens, the Zuma site will now expand to the full width of your monitor. This new sizing allows us to add an additional row of products on our Category pages so that you can now view more products faster to select the items you’d like to view and purchase.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention a new product category coming to ZumaOffice.com – Auto Dealer Supplies. From Key Tags and Window Stickers to Windshield Highlights and Mirror Hang Tags, Zuma has tons of auto dealer supplies to keep your dealership humming, and great prices that will help you save.

We hope you’ll love the new and improved ZumaOffice.com, and we welcome your comments and suggestions for our website. Helping you save time and save money buying office supplies helps us all Do Good Work!

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