Zuma Annual Donation and Giving Back Update

Zuma was very excited to send our annual charitable donations in September, and here’s our annual Giving Back update for our customers.  Zuma was founded with the business purpose of giving back and making a difference through donating a significant portion of our profits to charity and volunteering our time.  Thanks to our loyal customers and the hard work of the whole ZumaOffice.com team, Zuma was proud to make our largest donations to date.

Since our founding, Zuma has now donated over $89,000 to great charities that do good work every day, truly helping those in need.  “We are thrilled the donations made for our fiscal year 2017 were the largest in company history,” said Greg Pierce, President of ZumaOffice.com.  “The charities we support were all extremely grateful, and we know that people’s lives will be improved from our contributions.  We just wished it was more.”

The SIMS Foundation provides local Austin musicians much needed health care services.

Below is a list of the charities who received donations from Zuma this year.  We encourage all of our customers and website visitors to check out these great organizations.  You might even consider helping them through donations or volunteer work in your area.  They are all very highly rated charities, most all donations go directly to the cause, and they provide assistance in areas important to Zuma staff and our customers:

  1. Best Friends Animal Society – Pets & Animal Rescue
  2. Big Brothers Big Sisters – Child Mentoring Programs
  3. Central Texas Food Bank – Hunger Relief
  4. Prison Entrepreneurship Program – Prison Mentorship and Education
  5. Salvation Army & Austin Women and Children Shelter – Humanitarian Aid
  6. Save the Children – Aid for Children
  7. SIMS Foundation – Austin Musician Mental Health Services
  8. The V Foundation for Cancer Research – Cancer Research
  9. Year Up – Education for Disadvantaged Urban Area Youth

To learn more about any of these life changing organizations, please visit our “Do Good Work” page.  Click on any of the charity links to go to their websites and explore.  This page also details Zuma’s business model and our business purpose to donate a minimum of half our total profits to great charities.

“Because we were donating what little we could even when we were not a profitable company those first few years, we’ve donated over 85% of our total profits to help those less fortunate,” added Greg.  “It gives us all a good reason to go to work each morning selling office supplies, knowing in our small way we are making a difference”.

Thank you to all our Zuma customers!  Without you we do not exist.  Together we can Do Good Work!

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