June Charity Highlight: Rise Against Hunger

Each month, a Zuma Team member chooses a charity to highlight and add to our donations checkout page. For June, our very own Eddie has chosen Rise Against Hunger. Rise Against Hunger seeks to end hunger completely. While partnering with the United Nations, RAH strives to make an impact worldwide by building resilience, self-sufficiency and empowering communities. RAH recognizes the complexities of poverty and there deep roots while also caring for the hungry of today. 

From Eddie: “I chose this organization because growing up my family and I didn’t grow up in the best environment. We were very poor, struggled to eat sometimes and that led to my parents bringing us into the U.S. for a better life. If there is any way we can help feed innocent children, I am 100% behind that!!!!” 

Here are some other ways you can get involved with Rise Against Hunger:

  • Run a Rise & Stride 5K or 10K! A race that honors the distance children often travel to get to school. 
  • Host a Gather for Good virtual event! Get your coworkers or friends together and participate in a trivia game to learn more about RAH and organizational events.
  • Journey To Serve: Tanzania! Participate in a virtual tour to Tanzania to see where meals are served and families are impacted.
  • Partner with us as an individual or organization to help empower communities!
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