Office Supplies That Do Good Work – Great Prices, Service, Selection Too!

Zuma Office Supply has learned plenty selling office supplies online.  First the most important thing people consider when buying office products is price.  Hate to admit it, but its that simple.  If they don’t have great prices, Zuma won’t attract the new customers needed to grow.

Running a close second is service and fast shipping. That’s great for Zuma because they are fanatics about offering personal service.  When you call Zuma, you won’t get caught up in the endless phone loop of press 1 for this department and press 2 for that department.  A human being, and an empowered one that can help you, will answer the phone and be ready to help you immediately.

A human being like Minka Kelly, (although maybe not as hot) will answer the phone!

In terms of shipping, Zuma ships next day to 98% of the United States – that’s fast.  And most orders over $75.00 ship free, (the exception being large freight items like furniture that are not UPS shippable).  Any orders under $75 still ship next day, for only 8 bucks.  That’s way cheaper than sending someone from the office to the local office “superstore”

Huge selection is also important, but certainly third on the list.  Zuma carries 40,000 products for the office.  Office supplies like binders, report covers, classification folders and a huge line of “green” recycled products;  janitorial supplies and break room products like paper towels, cups, utensils, toilet paper and cleaners for the office.  Even coffee, snacks and a full line of teas and cocoa.

Zuma Office Has Starbucks Coffee For Business

Zuma Office even has Starbucks Coffee available for free delivery.

Zuma also carries a full line of office furniture geared to the small business office.  Manufactures like Hon, Alera, Global, Mayline and BBF are just a few of the brands they carry, at discount prices.  Last, they have thousands of office technology products, from batteries and mouse pads, to laminators and shredders, to surge protectors and media.

Ok, now here’s the key to Zuma’s business model, and what sets them apart.  It’s rare to find a company that offers office supplies at great prices, with fast free shipping, personal service, and a huge selection.  That separates them from most as a great office products partner, true.

But there’s more to their story.  Zuma is in business to Do Good Work.  It’s the vision behind the company, and what get’s them out of bed in the morning.  The thought that something as mundane as selling office supplies can help change the world!  That’s why Zuma donates a minimum of 50% of profits to great charities.  Charities that do good work across the globe and in people’s individual communities.  It’s office supplies with a conscious, and people everywhere are catching on.

Save The Children - A Zuma Supported Charity

Save The Children is one of Zuma's 10 supported charities.

My suggestion to everyone that uses office products for their business, home or at school; try for their pricing, service and quality products. Once you do that, you’ll always go back because you can help them Do Good Work by purchasing office supplies online too — from a company that cares.  Please share your thoughts on Zuma’s business model, and experiences with Zuma Office Supply.  Wouldn’t it be great if more businesses used revenues to help others in need.  Help spread the word!

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4 Responses to Office Supplies That Do Good Work – Great Prices, Service, Selection Too!

  1. Miquel says:

    Super submit, I will enjoy updates by you.

    • svonn says:

      Thanks for the kind words! Office supplies can be boring to some, but I have office products in my blood, and try to keep it fun. Check back for more! Thanks,

  2. very good put up, i definitely love this website, carry on it

    • svonn says:

      Glad you like it. We try to make office supplies interesting, and when a company like Zuma gives back to great charities, it makes it easy to support the Good Work!

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