ZumaOffice.com Launches Enhanced Website – Buying Office Supplies is Now Even Easier!

Zuma is very excited to announce the launch of our new enhanced website!  Designed to make shopping for office supplies even easier, the new ZumaOffice.com has several new features that are friendly for shoppers looking to order office products quickly, efficiently, and at prices below the big box retailers.

Zuma added over 12,000 new items in stock for your selection including new office supplies, small office and home office furniture, janitorial supplies and break room supplies.  New brands include Lorell furniture, Nature Saver recycled office products, and Genuine Joe janitorial supplies.

Zuma now carries a full line of Genuine Joe Janitorial and Break Room Supplies.

The first thing you will notice is more items are immediately visible for viewing, and faster shopping.  Where the old site showed only 10 items in a vertical format, the new site shows up to 42 items per page in a horizontal format.  You’ll also notice the handy drop down menu off the main navigation which was thoughtfully developed to help you find high-use items as quickly as possible.

The new ZumaOffice.com has also added more ways to purchase.  Now, you can check out quickly using your PayPal account or using Google Checkout.  You can also shop with Zuma using American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa credit or debit cards.

Zuma also encourages businesses that use more the $300 of office supplies per month to sign up for a Zuma Business Account.  A Zuma Business Account comes with a full line 1600 page catalog, the ability to create Favorites Lists, create Shopping Lists using our new Wish List function, and track orders online.  You can also apply for an account with payment terms if you are a school, non-profit organization, or a business with great credit.

We think you will find the biggest enhancement to ZumaOffice.com is an improved search engine that helps you find the exact products you need quickly and easily.  Using the helpful Search Parameters on the left side of your screen, you can easily sort products to find the exact office supplies you need for the job.

YearUp - Educational Opportunities for Disadvantaged Youth

YearUp is one of Zuma’s new supported charities.  They provide education and assistance to disadvantaged youth.

Lastly, Zuma updated our list of supported charities by adding two new charities that truly do great work!  The first is YearUp, an organization providing education and assistance to disadvantaged youth.  We encourage you to learn more about YearUp and how they are truly changing people’s lives at www.YearUp.org.

The second charity added to our supported charity list is SafePlace, a fantastic organization that provides shelter, support and education for victims of domestic violence or sexual abuse.  SafePlace has been changing lives for more than 35 years, and Zuma is proud to do our small part in helping them do good work.  To learn more about their support of victims of domestic violence, please visit www.SafePlace.org.

We hope you love the new Zuma website, but we also know that change can be hard — people really liked the website we had.  If you have any questions or comments about the new site, please let us know on this blog, or feel free to email us a customerservice@zumaoffice.com.  Thank you for shopping with Zuma, please tell your friends, and Enjoy Today!

by:  Greg Pierce

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  1. Wow, you guys really have it going on with the e-commerce! And adding a charity just seals the deal. Other companies in the office supplies niche are going to have to learn from you sooner or later!! Congrats on the new amazing website 🙂

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