ZumaOffice.com and Buy On Purpose Merge to Do More Good Work

Houston, TX – Buy On Purpose, a full-service office supply provider based in Houston, TX, announced today that ZumaOffice.com, a nationwide office supply e-tailer based in Austin, TX, has merged with the company.   The combined businesses will continue to operate as separate entities in the marketplace to best serve the needs of their distinct customers.  However, there are significant synergies that will be created by combining operational, marketing and backend functions that will benefit both organizations.

“We are very thankful for this merger of two great companies.  This allows both organizations to grow and to give back to our communities, and it will be a great honor for both teams to work together for a greater cause,” said Simon Lee, President and Founder of Buy On Purpose.

Both Buy On Purpose and ZumaOffice.com have a business purpose to give back by donating half of their profits to life-changing charitable organizations.  This unique vision and purpose will now produce even greater results with the combined focus, size and scale of the two companies.

Greg Pierce, President and CEO of ZumaOffice.com said, “We are thrilled to combine our forces with a company as compassionate and dedicated to their customers as Buy On Purpose.  After 10 years of helping our customers “Do Good Work”, and supporting great charities who truly make a difference, we are proud to see our legacy continue with Simon Lee and his incredible team at Buy On Purpose.”

The transition will take place over the next few months, and the headquarters of the combined organizations will be located in Houston, TX.  Customers from both companies can expect the same top-rated customer service and support, as both the ZumaOffice.com and BuyonPurpose.com websites will continue to take care of the unique needs of each company’s customer base.

In a joint statement, Mr. Lee and Mr. Pierce concluded, “The only constant in the office supply industry is change, and we know in order to thrive today it’s important to get larger in scale and to diversify.  By combining the successful ecommerce business model of ZumaOffice.com with Buy On Purpose’s independent dealer model, there are synergies which will spur growth and help serve our customers better.  The amazing fact that both companies give back half of their profits to charity made this combination almost too good to be true.”

Buy On Purpose has been giving back and serving business customers in the greater Houston, TX area since 2004.  ZumaOffice.com has been serving customers and “doing good work” nationwide since 2009.  Both companies are in business to help others through giving back, and both provide customers over 50,000 products ranging from office supplies and technology products, to office furniture, break room and janitorial supplies.

For any questions or inquiries, please contact Greg Pierce at gpierce@zumaoffice.com or 512-373-8079, or contact Simon Lee, President and Founder of Buy On Purpose at simon.lee@buyonpurpose.com or 713-484-7300.

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