Should My Business Sign Up For Zuma Business Class?

Q & A On The New ZBC Program:

Zuma recently launched a new program called Zuma Business Class that includes lower prices on select office supplies, lower free shipping minimums, and more. Here’s a quick Q & A to help you decide if ZBC is right for you:

Q: Why should we join Zuma Business Class?

A: You get 5 – 15% off over 14,000 office supplies and janitorial supply items. This includes many ink and toner products including brands like HP and Brother. You also get free shipping with orders of $45 or more instead of our normal free shipping level of $75.

Q: What does it cost me?

A: There is no charge to join ZBC, and no confusing contract or commitment. All we asked is that you purchase a minimum of $400 per month in total purchases, and enjoy the savings.  That’s only $100 per week of our huge selection of office, break room and janitorial supplies.

Q: This sounds too good to be true. What’s in it for Zuma?

A: Zuma wants to sell more products to our current loyal customers. We have many customers who find us online and buy only the same 1-2 items every time like binders or classification folders.  They have no idea we have fantastic prices on a huge selection of office and janitorial supplies. We know if customers will compare our prices, they will buy more from Zuma.

Q: What items have lower prices?

A: Key items like our lowest priced copy paper item – UNV91200. Also, HP has a strict Price Policy which sets the lowest price we can sell an HP item for online. However, if we have the item in a “special price plan” that you have to log-in to view, we can sell HP items for whatever is right for our business. So, we have over 600 HP ink and toner items included in ZBC. This was a big reason we designed the program.

Q: I’ve joined other “contract” programs like Staples Business Advantage. They made me sign an agreement to buy everything from them, and there were annual fees. Is ZBC like that?

A: No – there are NO fees to join ZBC, and NO requirements to buy everything from Zuma. All we ask is that you purchase a minimum of $400 per month. Hopefully you start comparing prices and see you’ll save money for your business buying more from Zuma.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Just call Zuma at 877-473-4097, or email us at and ask for a ZBC sign up form. Sign the form and return, and we’ll get your account set up for ZBC Pricing and $45 free shipping that same day.

Q: I’d like to set up Payment Terms with Zuma as part of this program. How do I do that?

A: When completing the ZBC sign up form, just write Yes in the Payment Terms area, and we will follow-up with all you need.

If you have any additional questions, please call. If your business buys $400 or more of office supplies, janitorial supplies and break room like most every business does, it’s truly a “no brainer”. Thank you for your business – let’s Do Good Work together!

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