ZumaOffice.com Featured In Austin Giving Back Story

Business Philantropy is Growing and Making a Difference

The Austin American Statesman featured an article this weekend highlighting giving back in Austin. Using statistics from a new report from Rodman and Associates on philanthropy in Austin, the article explains how companies are contributing to the community more than ever, and truly making a difference in people’s lives.

Here is the full America Statesman article entitled “Survey says Austin businesses give more than ever”.

The article features ZumaOffice.com and our activity in the community explaining how selling office supplies online can also be used as a means to do good work for others and support causes and people in need. Also featured in the article was Amy’s Ice Cream, a well known and much loved local company well known for fantastic ice cream, and helping others.

Zuma staffers working the Central Texas Food Bank mobile food pantry.

“This is a moment whose time has come,” said Debbie Johnson, principal of Austin-based consultants Successful Giving and co-author of “Give for Good: A How-To Guide for Business Giving.” “There are a lot more companies in Austin and around the country that are not only giving back, but giving back much more visibly.”

Buying office supplies is something business and individuals do all the time – a usually mundane task of stocking the supply cabinet or getting office products to finish a project. Zuma takes the routine out of this task, and turns it into an event for good by sharing its profits with great charities that make a difference.

“Zuma is in business to give back,” said Greg Pierce, President of ZumaOffice.com. “It gives us a Higher Purpose to get up and go to work in the morning, while keeping us focused on being the best company we can be. The fact is the better job we do, the more customers we can attract and satisfy, the more we are able to give back and make a difference”.

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