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Zuma Office Supply’s tagline and mantra is “Do Good Work”. The mission is to help you do good work in your office by supplying you quality office products at low prices, and just as importantly to help do good work in the community by donating a minimum of half of the profits to great charities.

Let’s face it, most people consider buying office supplies and office equipment a pain, and far from an enjoyable experience. But Zuma hopes to change that attitude, and make people feel good when they buy the copy paper, Post-It Notes, ink and toner or hanging folders needed for the office.

Feel Good Buying Office Supplies From Zuma

Feel good buying office supplies from Zuma. Get great deals and help others too!

It’s a fact that buying office supplies online saves a business time and money. With Zuma’s incredibly fast next day delivery to 97% of the country, and shipping that’s free for most orders over $75, Zuma is gaining customers and “Zuma Fans” at a rapid pace.

Zuma’s unique business model asks shoppers which of the ten charities that Zuma supports they want donations to go to, therefore allowing customers a voice in which causes and charities receive the most funding. This leads to questions regarding who are the most popular charities as voted on by Zuma customers.

Here’s the current rankings of charities based on customer “votes”:
1. Best Friends Animal Society
2. Big Brothers Big Sisters
3. Salvation Army
4. Save The Children
5. The V Foundation for Cancer Research
6. Capital Area Food Bank
7. Fisher House Foundation
8. The Conservation Fund
9. Prison Entrepreneurship Program
10. Hazelden

Another frequent question is how are customer “votes” used to determine where the donations go. Let’s say the Salvation Army has received 20% of customer preferences when ordering. Then the Salvation Army would receive 20% of the total donations given to the 10 charities.

Zuma Office Supply Supports The Salvation Army!

You and Zuma Help the Salvation Army Do Good Work!

It is important to note that Zuma is a relatively new company, and we all know it takes two to three years for a new company to actually become profitable. The company’s directors realized from Day 1 that waiting until Zuma is turning a profit before supporting these great charities is too long, and not the right thing to do. Therefore it was decided that Zuma will donate a minimum of $500 per charity per year until the company is in the black and truly making money to donate.

So far, Zuma has donated over $10,250 to the charities they support, (over 10,000% of profits!) and the company believes it will be profitable this fiscal year so they can begin contributing even more.  See more details on Zuma’s conscious capitalism business model and charity support at the Zuma Charity Page!

Zuma truly is “no brainer” office supplies that make you feel good. They have great prices on everyday office supplies like view binders, file folders, staplers, copy paper and more. They have incredibly fast and free next day shipping. They have awesome customer service that answers the phone, AND they donate significantly to wonderful charities that are making a difference in the world. Tell your friends about Zuma today!

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    • svonn says:

      Thanks for the tip Larisa – sorry but we don’t normally post links advertising other services, but do appreciate the feedback.

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    • svonn says:

      Thanks for subscribing. We try to make office products interesting, and also give you an good understanding of our conscious capitalism business model. Do good work!

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    I really liked the article, and the very cool blog

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