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Zuma is committed to transparency regarding our charitable contributions by providing annual updates of our donations to the wonderful charities we support.  We believe that Business can create positive social change through giving back, and that is our “reason for being” as a company.

Sometimes we struggle with our donation updates and marketing message because in a sense they lack true humility.  They can focus too much attention promoting ourselves versus the charities and good work we aim to support.  However, as an independently owned business in an extremely competitive market like office supplies, we feel it’s necessary to communicate our mission to attract new loyal customers to spread the word about Zuma and help us grow.

The fact is if we don’t grow, we don’t give back.  If we do not drive solid profits, our mission to help others is not accomplished.  It is because of you, our loyal customers, that Zuma is able to exist and do our part to make the world a better place.  So, please view our giving back results as your success!

From the words of the writer Elizabeth Bibesco;
“Blessed are those who can give without remembering, and take without forgetting.”

Zuma’s Top Ten as Selected by Our Customers

  1. Best Friends Animal Society – Pets & Animals
  2. The V Foundation for Cancer Research – Cancer Research
  3. Big Brothers / Big Sisters – Children
  4. Salvation Army – Humanitarian Aid
  5. Save the Children – Children
  6. Fisher House Foundation – Military Families
  7. Capital Area Food Bank – Hunger
  8. SafePlace – Domestic Violence Support
  9. Year Up – Education For Disadvantaged Youth
  10. Prison Entrepreneurship Program – Prison Mentorship

Zuma has donated $24,281 to the 10 charities we support since our inception. Most new businesses take 3-5 years before they reach profitability due to the upfront investment, and Zuma is no exception.  However we made the decision as an executive board to stay true to our mission and donate a minimum of $5000 per year, ($500 per charity) even before we were profitable.  Although modest, fiscal 2012 was our first profitable year, and so our donations are now based on the preferences of our customers!

In relation to our true financial results, because of our commitment to give back from the start, we’ve donated many times over 100% of our profits.  And the great news is, now that we are in the black, these donations will grow substantially as we gain momentum.

We appreciate the loyalty of our great customers, the relationships we’ve developed with the charities we support, and look forward to doing good work together for many years to come.  Please tell a friend and other businesses about Zuma – you have no idea how much that helps our progress.  Should you have any questions regarding our charitable giving, the voting preferences of our customers, or just want to talk about giving back, feel free to email me at gpierce@zumaoffice.com.  Thank you for helping Zuma do good work!

By:  Greg Pierce



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